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Pizza Nutrition - Cheese

Pizza can be made very nutritious if using the proper ingredients. However, one ingredient which makes pizza nutrition more complicated is cheese. In general, cheese supplies a great deal of calcium, protein, phosphorus and fat. A 30-gram (1.1 oz) serving of Cheddar cheese contains about 7 grams (0.25 oz) of protein and 200 milligrams of calcium. Nutritionally, cheese is essentially concentrated milk: it takes about 200 grams (7.1 oz) of milk to provide that much protein, and 150 grams (5.3 oz) to equal the calcium.

Cheese potentially shares other nutritional properties of milk. The Center for Science in the Public Interest describes cheese as America's number one source of saturated fat, adding that the average American ate 30 lb (14 kg) of cheese in the year 2000, up from 11 lb (5 kg) in 1970. Their recommendation is to limit full-fat cheese consumption to 2 oz (57 g) a week. Whether cheese's highly saturated fat actually leads to an increased risk of heart disease is called into question when considering France and Greece, which lead the world in cheese eating (more than 14 oz/400 g a week per person, or over 45 lb/20 kg a year) yet have relatively low rates of heart disease. This seeming discrepancy is called the French paradox; the higher rates of consumption of red wine in these countries is often invoked as at least a partial explanation.

The following are some of the primary cheeses found and their nutritional values. When all other ingredients are heart healthy and nutritious, the main difficulty in the Pizza nutrition will be dependent on the type and quantity of cheese used for the pizza.
The following are some common pizza cheeses and their nutritional value.

Nutrition data taken from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)
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Mozzarella Cheese (100 grams/3.5 ounces):
Nutritional Value (USDA)
Water (g)46.46
Energy (kcal)302
Protein (g)25.96
Fat, total (g)20.03
of which Saturated fatty acids, total (g)10.877
Carbohydrate (g)3.83
Sugars, total (g)0.6
Cholesterol (mg)54
Fresh mozzarella is generally white, but may vary seasonally to slightly yellow depending on the animal's diet. It is a semi-soft cheese. Due to its high moisture content, it is traditionally served the day it is made. This cheese is the most common cheese used in pizza.
This cheese is one of easiest to make at home. See for example:
Homemade Mozzarella Recipe
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White Cheddar Cheese.jpg
White Cheddar Cheese:
Nutritional Value (USDA)
Water (g)36.75
Energy (kcal)403
Protein (g)24.9
Fat, total (g)33.14
of which Saturated fatty acids (g)21.092
Carbohydrate (g)1.28
Sugars, total (g)0.52
Cholesterol (mg)105
In the USA, industrial and processed Cheddar-style cheeses come in several varieties, including mild, medium, sharp, extra sharp. This cheese is commonly used in pizzas with heavy toppings such as southern and mexican pizza recipes.
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Stravecchio Parmesan Cheese.jpg
Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese:
Nutritional Value
Water (g)36.75
Energy (kcal)423
Protein (g)37.1
Fat, total (g)28.35
of which Saturated fatty acids (g)16.8
Carbohydrate (g)3.85
Sugars, total (g)1.05
Cholesterol (mg)86.1
Probably the most recognisable export from Italy after pasta, Parmigiano-Reggiano is enjoyed worldwide, it is one of the three or four incomparable cheeses of the world. The parmigiano reggiano cheese is the pride of an Italian food tradition dating back almost 800 years.
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Parmesan Cheese.jpg
Parmesan Cheese:
Nutritional Value (USDA)
Water (g)25
Energy (kcal)415
Protein (g)37.86
Fat, total (g)27.34
of which Saturated fatty acids (g)17.37
Carbohydrate (g)3.41
Sugars, total (g)0.9
Cholesterol (mg)72
Parmesan cheese is the name of a few kinds of Italian extra-hard cheeses. It is the cheese to go with Spaghetti and other typical Italian pasta, but it also has many other uses. Parmesan is a part of Italian national cuisine and is usually grated.
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Blue Goat Cheese.jpg
Goat Cheese (soft):
Nutritional Value (USDA)
Water (g)60
Energy (kcal)268
Protein (g)18.52
Fat, total (g)21.08
of which Saturated fatty acids (g)14.575
Carbohydrate (g)0.89
Sugars, total (g)0.89
Cholesterol (mg)46
Goat milk is often consumed by young children, the elderly, those who are ill, or have a low tolerance to cows' milk. Goat milk is more similar to human milk than that of the cow, although there is large variation among breeds in both animals. Although the West has popularized the cow, goat milk and goat cheese are preferred dairy products in much of the rest of the world. Because goat cheese is often made in areas where refrigeration is limited, aged goat cheeses are often heavily treated with salt to prevent decay. As a result, salt has become associated with the flavor of goat cheese, especially in the case of the heavily brined feta.
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Greek Feta Cheese.jpg
Greek Feta Cheese:
Nutritional Value (USDA)
Water (g)55.2
Energy (kcal)264
Protein (g)14.21
Fat, total (g)21.28
of which Saturated fatty acids (g)14.94
Carbohydrate (g)4.09
Sugars, total (g)4.09
Cholesterol (mg)89
Feta is an aged crumbly cheese, commonly produced in blocks, and has a slightly grainy texture. It is used as a table cheese, as well as in salads (e.g the Greek salad), pastries and in baking, notably in the popular phyllo-based dishes spanakopita ("spinach pie") and tyropita ("cheese pie") and combined with olive oil and vegetables. It can also be served cooked or grilled, as part of a sandwich or as a salty alternative to other cheeses in a variety of dishes. Feta is usually formed into square cakes. Its flavor is tangy and salty, ranging from mild to sharp.
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Aged Gouda Cheese.jpg
Aged Gouda Cheese:
Nutritional Value (USDA)
Water (g)41
Energy (kcal)356
Protein (g)24.94
Fat, total (g)27.44
of which Saturated fatty acids (g)17.614
Carbohydrate (g)2.22
Sugars, total (g)2.22
Cholesterol (mg)114
Gouda cheese is a yellow cheese made from cow's milk. The cheese is from milk that is cultured and heated until the curd is separate from the whey. Some of the whey is then drained, and water is added. This is called "washing the curd", and creates a sweeter cheese, as the washing removes some of the lactic acid. About ten percent of the mixture is curd which are pressed into circular moulds for several hours. These moulds are the essential reason behind its traditional, characteristic shape. The cheese is then soaked in a brine solution which gives the cheese and its rind a distinctive taste.
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Pecorino Romano Cheese.jpg
Pecorino Romano Cheese: Nutritional Value Varies according to production. Below is for cow's milk romano cheese.
Energy (kcal)386
Protein (g)31.83
Fat, total (g)26.97
of which Saturated fatty acids (g)17.11
Carbohydrate (g)3.66
Sugars, total (g)0.7
Cholesterol (mg)104.2
Romano cheese is a type of cheese that is known for being very hard, salty and sharp. It is usually grated. It is different from normal cheeses because it requires more milk per pound, most water being lost in the creation process.

There are different types of romano cheese. True romano cheese is made from sheep's milk (pecorino romano) or goat's milk (caprino romano), though mass produced versions, as in the United States, are often made from cow's milk (vacchino romano). Pecorino romano is sharp and tangy. Caprino romano, the goat's milk version, has an extremely sharp taste. Vacchino romano is very mild in taste. Most of the romano cheeses made in the United States are made from cow's milk or with a mix of cow's milk and either sheep or goat milk.

Other Cheeses

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Stravecchio Parmesan Cheese.jpg
Stravecchio Parmesan Cheese:
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Allgauer Bergkase Cheese.jpg
Allgauer Bergkase Cheese:
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Appenzeller Cheese.jpg
Appenzeller Cheese:
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Blue Stilton Cheese.jpg
Blue Stilton Cheese:
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Blueberry White Stilton.jpg
Blueberry White Stilton:
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Brie Cheese.jpg
Brie Cheese:
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Cheshire Cheese.jpg
Cheshire Cheese:
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Danish Blue Cheese.jpg
Danish Blue Cheese:
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Gorgonzola Cheese.jpg
Gorgonzola Cheese:
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Jean De Brie Cheese.jpg
Jean De Brie Cheese:
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Limberger Cheese.jpg
Limberger Cheese:
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Pecorino Sardo Cheese.jpg
Pecorino Sardo Cheese:
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Port Salut Cheese.jpg
Port Salut Cheese:
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Red Leicester Cheese.jpg
Red Leicester Cheese:
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Sage Derby Cheese.jpg
Sage Derby Cheese:
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St Pat Cheese.jpg
St Pat Cheese:
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Tilsit Cheese.jpg
Tilsit Cheese:
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Wensleydale Cheese.jpg
Wensleydale Cheese:

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